Genome browser track data hubs

ChIP-sequencing data and other (epi) genomic data for visualization in the UCSC genome browser.

Xenopus track hub: X. tropicalis (v7.1, 8.0 9.0, 10.0), X. laevis (v9.1)
Mouse track hub: M. musculus mm10 assembly.


ChIP protocol Xenopus embryos downloadPDF
ChIP-sequencing in Xenopus embryos. downloadPDF
ATAC-sequencing using Xenopus embryos. downloadPDF


Veenstra lab repositories
Files Xenopus xt10 genome

Other resources

ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and MethylCap-seq tracks (archive)
NimbleGen ChIP-chip microarray designs (archive)
Transcription start site and promoter collection (archive)

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