Positions & training opportunities

Post-doctoral opportunities

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to nominate for a 2-year Radboud Excellence Initiative (REI) Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Our research revolves around gene and chromatin regulatory mechanisms in development and differentiation, with a focus on heart development and stem cell differentiation and embryonic development. State-of-the-art in-house genomics, proteomics and computational infrastructure facilitate our research, including multiple single-cell genomics platforms. We are interested in researchers from a broad range of backgrounds, including molecular and cell biology, developmental biology, biochemistry, computational biology and machine learning.

Candidates for the REI post-doctoral fellowships have a very good track-record, including high quality publications. The fellowship aims to support internationalization and hence is open to foreign scientists without previous study or work experience in the Netherlands. They should also have obtained their doctorate no longer than eight years before the time of application. The eventual application includes writing a short project proposal.

For more information, visit the Radboud Excellence Initiative. If you are interested in being nominated please send an email to gertjan.veenstra{at}ru.nl

Send a message to gertjan dot veenstra at ru dot nl.

Student projects

Please visit the student projects page for undergraduate training ("stage") opportunities or inquire for details.

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